Virgin Island Cruise Travel

Interested in a cruise to Virgin Islands? MotionCloud brings you detailed information about Virgin Islands and cruise liners operating to the destination. The eastern island group of the Leeward Islands, Virgin Islands is frequented by millions of visitors from across the globe. Boasting one of the most beautiful docks in the Caribbean, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands is one of the top cruise destinations. Although flying to Virgin Islands would save you time, however, would you want to miss out on the spectacular scenery and all the pampering that you would experience on a cruise? To ease you off the confusion, MotionCloud brings you extensive information about Virgin Islands and the cruise liners ferrying passengers to the destination.

After an exciting time cruising on the captivating waters, you can explore this majestic destination. Lounge on the beaches, go snorkeling and scuba diving, haggle for souvenirs and handicrafts, munch on the savory cuisine, there is a lot to do. Climb up the Charlotte Amalie and enjoy the spectacular views of the Caribbean. Step back into the history by visiting the historical sites including one of the oldest synagogues, Fort Christian and the childhood home of Camille Pissarro. Enjoy engaging water sports. Browse museums, hike, bike or simply laze around the white sand beaches and make you vacation a memorable one. Whatever you see, whatever you do, the memories of that cruise ride would never fade. So what are you waiting for, start planning now!

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