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Often referred to as the ‘Pearl of South,' Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and a perfect destination for cruising. Take a Phuket cruise tour and discover the hidden treasures in Phuket's Phang Nga, Phi Phi Island, Krabi and Koh Lanta. Whether you're booking a day cruise or a sunset of an overnight cruise, you'll get experience a host of exciting attractions. Be a part of the nightly parties of sunset cruises or take a relaxing overnight cruise offering a luxurious experience. Phuket's Phang Nga Bay is one of southern Thailand's most beautiful areas and also the most popular cruising destination. Cruise to beautiful Phang Nga bay and visit the Talu cave, James Bond Island and the surrounding mangrove forest delta.

Krabi is another popular cruising destination in Phuket is a must visit for adventurers and water sport lovers. There are several snorkeling spots around Krabi and two mainland national parks in the surroundings that are worth a visit. Krabi also offers opportunities for kayaking, sailing, bird watching and caving. No visit to Phuket is complete without a trip to the beautiful Phi Phi Island. While Phi Phi Donn is known for its idyllic beaches, Phi Phi Ley, to the south offers excellent snorkeling opportunities. While in Phuket, don't miss savoring the fresh seafood and cuisine. With so much on the offering, Phuket is a paradise you'll want to visit again and again!

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