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Located in northern Europe, Norway is one of the most popular holiday destinations amongst holiday makers. Millions of tourist fly to Norway, drive through or reach Norway by train experience this exotic holiday destination. However, those expecting a bit more from their trip opt for a cruise to Norway. While on a cruise, you would not only enjoy the majestic fjords, captivating open waters and water systems, all your needs will be taken care off! You can dine on the sumptuous cuisine, enjoy at a movie theatre on board, dance at a ball, gamble for free and feel the extravagant lifestyle while continuing your journey to Norway!

With such a lot to do along with excellent services, you would never wish to disembark the cruise liner. However, you have a lot in Norway thatís waiting to be explored! Enjoy hiking, biking, skiing, ice fishing, rafting and much more. Hunt for the northern lights. Explore the various world class museums and art galleries. Check out the beautiful churches, buildings, fortresses sporting a spectacular architecture. Tantalize your taste buds with the mouthwatering local cuisines or nibble on the tasty international delicacies. Enjoy the vibrant nightlife. Walk around the natural wonders including huge mountains, fjords, glaciers, saltstraumen waterfalls and an out of the world wildlife.

One of the most popular holiday destinations, Norway has a lot for every traveler. So hop on a luxury cruise and jet set for a vacation of a lifetime! For more information on the Norwegian part of Lapland, see Lapland Holidays.

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