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The boisterous growth of the aviation industry has brought the world closer. We think of getting to a place and the very next day, we find us exploring the same! However, are we missing upon something? Take a train ride for example. Although its way slower than a plane, it offers majestic scenery, buzzing environment and much more! If we go back in time, we never miss the absence of supersonic aircrafts and long, snake-like trains, it were the ships that transported anything from a military troop to livestock.

In the modern world, journey on a ship has taken a new definition. The term ‘ship’ is hardly used in the travel sector and has been replaced by “cruise”. Isn’t it fascinating when you think about the fantastic scenery with that whale showing off its valor at a distance while you enjoy everything standing on a multi story cruise? Hundreds of cruise liners operate their cruises to various destinations offering you world class facilities on board. The facilities range from exotic cuisines and excellent cabins and suites to thrilling on shore excursions and first-rate entertainment options.

Booking a package with a cruise liner often include your accommodation, meals, drinks, access to the discotheques and other recreational activities and all this right on the luxurious cruise. You might want to choose a cruise to reach your destination, or you can choose a cruise that takes you through various destinations presenting an ideal blend of exotic resort destination and memorable adventure travel. With scores of cruise liners swarming every source that you can think off, MotionCloud has compiled a list of the most popular cruise liners. So read through and choose what suites you the best from the list below.

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