Cookisland Cruise Travel

Set in the heart of the Polynesian triangle in the South Pacific Ocean, Cook Islands is a group of 15 islands, located nearly 4,500 km south of Hawaii. Rarotonga, the capital remains largely unspoiled and is known for its stunning natural beauty. Take a Christmas holiday cruise tour of the Cook Islands and relax and explore the beaches, soak up the breathtaking vistas and immerse yourself in the Polynesian culture. A cruise tour of Cook Island is an experience you'll remember for a long time. When visiting Rarotonga, don't miss Avarua, the largest village. The island is known for its excellent snorkeling and diving sites, fishing and a relaxed, easygoing ambiance.

Aitutaki, north of Rarotonga is next most visited island after Rarotonga. This wonderfully relaxed island is known for its excellent fishing opportunities and is a great place to be! If you're an active traveler, you shouldn't miss Atiu. The small volcanic island is a fascinating destination riddled with caves, raised coral atoll and white sand beaches. Whether you're taking a cruise trip with your beloved or with your family, Cook Islands has something interesting for every visitor!

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