Bermuda Cruise Travel

Resting hundreds of miles north of the Bahamas in the Atlantic, Bermuda is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations. Begin your Bermuda vacation booking cruise tour which is one of the best ways to experience dramatic scenery of the island. Cruises to Bermuda leave from major US cities, including New York and Boston. On board a Bermuda cruise, you find unlimited opportunities to indulge your interests. Enjoy a range of exciting activities and tantalize your taste buds with sumptuous cuisine, cruising to Bahamas is an experience of a lifetime! Offshore, the mariners can check out the island's attractions. Visit Hamilton, the capital city famed for its quaint shops offering Irish linens, shipwreck jewelery along with local arts and antiques.

When visiting Bermuda, also don't miss St. George. The charming 17th-century is known for its rich history, old buildings and small boutiques. The West End is another popular destination to visit in Bermuda. Once the British Royal Navy's headquarters, it has been beautifully restored into a mini-village with shops, restaurants and museum. After working out an appetite, enjoy feasting on the savory cuisine. From international cuisine to roadside cafés, Bermuda has a place for every budget and taste. Sundowners can choose from a number of clubs and pubs to for an exciting night out. Choose from a cruise line of your choice and embark on a journey to this beautiful island, you'll want to visit again and again!

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